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Partially based on a real encounter with my daughter. She reacts quickly, rolling over into a kneeling position and pointlessly trying to cover her nudity with the bedspread that is not really cooperating. I slip first one finger and then two inside of her pussy and I can feel the plug through the membranes. However, she confessed to me that many times she was not asleep and she would sneak out and watch us while we were fucking. I have this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that I have just violated her trust.

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How long have you been watching me?

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Deep breathing gets me through so much.

A Neighbor Helping a Neighbor - Ron helps a new next-door neighbor with a water leak and she thanks him in a grand and wonderful way. My hand, arm and the bed underneath her are all soaking wet. I want you to fuck me just like you do Mommy! Soon my finger slides past her tight muscle into her ass.

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