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lesbians enjoy sex
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Silver says lesbian couples rarely visit her for counselling relating to sexual issues, but rather for general relationship queries, as with any couple. They often need clitoral stimulation, or oral sex, for it to happen. This makes it especially sad that so many heterosexual women are reporting understimulating sex lives. They know what a clit is and they have realistic expectations about how quickly women are able to reach orgasm. In , more than 2bn web searches were pornography-related and pornography sites are often measured as more popular than social networks. Getting some good natural oil that will increase sensation.

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Tiffany. Age: 21.
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But previous global research suggests that women who have sex with women are probably more likely to be in the half that did not report sexual dissatisfaction.

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Helena. Age: 23.
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Do lesbians have better sex than straight women?

There is a strong emotional connection between women, too. Touching our lubricated genitals and then practising clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration at the same time. So, for those women who are not coming endlessly — how can they improve their sex lives, whoever they may be with? Burgess does not watch pornography precisely for this reason.

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