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On the final episode of , the gang brings We Love Movies month to an end with a spirited convo about one of the best films ever made, Mad Max: Fury Road! Did no one think to call Toretto? I mean, uh, this episode is for subscribers only! How rad is it seeing Picard running his family vineyard? To access the full show, click over to our Patreon and sign up now. On this month's Gleep Glossary entry, the guys learn all about renowned, indestructible fuck machine, Emperor Palpatine!

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How cruel is the fate of—whoa, young Jedi!

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Not yet hip to The Mandalorian Half-Hour? Did no one think to call Toretto? PLUS: An actual tutorial some dude made about eating watermelon properly On this month's massive, nearly 3-hour bonus episode, the gang continues celebrating We Love Movies month with a super-sized chat about The Empire Strikes Back!

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