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club dance dragon
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The winner lion would then use creative methods and martial art skills to reach the high-hanging reward. It is similar to the Chinese southern lion dance, except that the lion is mainly green in color and has a distinct round flat mask. It is believed to have originated in the anti- Manchu movements after the fall of the Ming dynasty in The lions had to fight with stylistic lion moves instead of chaotic street fighting styles. It has gained international recognition as the world's largest mask. There are however also distinct local forms that differ significantly in appearance and performance, for example the lion dances of the Tay and Nung minority people.

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club dance dragon

It uses kung fu moves and postures to help with its movements and stances, and only the most advanced students are allowed to perform.

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The Huang Joon has a full yellow tail with white trim. He developed his version of lion dance, introducing new techniques by studying and mimicking the movement of cats, such as "catching mouse, playing, catching birds, high escape, lying low and rolling". Northern lions may have a gold-painted wooden head, and shaggy red and yellow hair with a red bow on its head to indicate a male lion, or a green bow sometimes green hair to represent a female.

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