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Leaving Nancy in the store, the camera moves through an tunnel , under the Mexican border, and into the Tijuana garage. Esteban calls Guillermo and Nancy to his office for a meeting after Guillermo issues a death threat against Nancy. Silas moves his pot plants into the backroom of the cheese shop. Celia asks Isabelle for forgiveness for being a bad mother. Silas and Lisa start selling pot disguised inside sandwiches. Though he expects her to be grateful, Mermex is instead repelled by Doug's unapologetic nature and genital warts. Captain Till releases Celia so that she can gather information on Guillermo.

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Aurora. Age: 23.
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She maintains that she doesn't know who Guillermo's boss is.

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Nancy expresses her reservations about working the tunnel to Esteban. She reveals to Silas that her interests in him are just financial and physical, causing a heartbroken Silas to spurn her advances and to end their business relationship after her ex-husband catches them in the act. Andy enters a coyote partnership with Doug, who has recently moved to Ren Mar to evade questions about Agrestic's finances.

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