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He pushed in two fingers as he moved down a little to kiss and suck on your neck. He stilled; you could feel his cock pulsing with pumps of come filling the condom. You went into the gym and did every exercise necessary - from cardio to weightlifting to gymnastics. You placed all of the equipment back in its allocated spot, and you made your way to the locker room. The hot water cascaded down on your body, easing the stress of your muscles. You clenched around his cock and he groaned as he felt you squeeze him repeatedly with each pulsing of your walls.

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You breathed heavily and he slowed down, groaning, his thrusts becoming inconsistent and erratic.

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Sirens & Satyrs

The cause of this had been a nightmare. You hang up your towel and turn on the water, helping Steve rid himself of his shorts and boxer briefs in the process. You almost fell, your legs nearly giving way, but Steve held you up and pressed his body flush against your own as he pressed long, meaningful kisses to your lips to give you strength for what was to come pun intended. I must imagining things , you thought.

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