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How did Tiger Woods allegedly keep track of so many alleged mistresses? So here is a handy cheat ha! And who knows how many more will come out as the day goes on, so keep refreshing!

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Tiger Woods has been linked to so many women, it's hard to keep them all straight. To help you out, we put together a list with pictures of Tiger's mistresses! Here's a primer on the eight women linked to the world's top golfer with names, as of this writingwith corresponding images in the gallery below

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Porn star and part-time escort Loredana Jolie is still trying to cash in on her minutes of infamy as the No. Jolie was one of more than a dozen women whom Woods bedded during his marriage to Swedish beauty Elin Nordegren. Woods and Nordegren have since divorced over the sex scandal.

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Nobody even uses that anymore. Or Mario Lopez. Both bad.

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Tiger Woods's popularity is in free fall amid reports of a seventh mistress and accusations the golfer's "vanity" has worsened his plight. Holly Sampson, a year-old porn star from Los Angeles, has been outed as the seventh woman to be linked romantically with Woods. Alleged affair

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Tiger Woods alleged porn star mistress Holly Sampson claimed on TV seven months ago that she had bedded the golf ace. The adult film star said she was hand-picked by the dad-of-two for a sleazy bachelor-party romp. Holly, 36, said: "A friend of mine runs a lot of nightclubs and he was good friends with one of Tiger Woods' assistants.

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The X-rated actress and exotic dancer swooped into New York Monday with man-eating lawyer Gloria Allred to once again declare Woods' public statements are one putt short of the hole. She said she and Woods hooked up 10 days after his daughter was born. James, whose name was Veronica Siwik when she was growing up in tiny Mayfield upstate, isn't looking for cash, but "an honest apology," she told me last week.

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A fourth mistress: out of the woodwork, claiming to have slept with Tiger Woods. The number of opportunities to make bad golf jokes is extraordinary. Let's try to resist the temptation as we count up Tiger's many strokes.

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In a nutshell, what you see is a very contorted look—sultry, snakelike, and very much Marilyn Monroe. All these women insist that Woods never told them to amp up their bosoms, butts, eyelashes or cheekbones. Woods, they believe, simply liked what he saw.

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The day after a Los Angeles woman claimed to have had a nearly three-year affair with Tiger Woods, the golf star released a statement of his own, apologizing for his "transgressions" and vowing to be a better husband and father in the future. Those feelings should be shared by us alone. Woods' statements comes on the same day that an issue of US Weekly magazine hit newsstands with the bombshell headline"Yes, He Cheated," featuring photographs of the golf star, his wife Elin Nordegren and one of his alleged mistresses, Jaimee Grubbs.


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