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If your child keeps scratching her bottom, there are a few different causes to explore. You're right to check to make sure she's thoroughly wiping since this is one of the most common reasons for anal itching in young children, especially those who are just learning to use the potty. If much of the itching occurs at night and keeps her awake, a pinworm infestation is likely the cause.

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Our journals offer ESMO members and the oncology community a globally visible platform to publish scientific studies, and a highly credible source of educational updates. Discover ESMO's new social media dashboard where you will find all your favourite posts and tweets in one place! ESMO40 Celebrate with us: watch our anniversary videos, take a virtual stroll through our timeline of 'ESMO firsts' or share your wishes for the future with us….

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Case reports, procedural guidelines, good practice, conference presentations, videos, e-publications and more, searchable by specialism and audience. Upcoming and future colorectal conferences, courses, workshops and meetings, searchable by location, specialism and audience. Keep up-to-date on campaigns, publications, research and training, plus announcements and annual meeting news.

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When a tubular organ or blood vessel becomes excessively narrow such that it can no longer perform as nature intended, it is a condition referred to by physicians as stenosis. Anal stenosis, also known as an anal stricture, is the narrowing of the anal canal, located just before the anal sphincter. The anal sphincter is a complex part of the body that maintains a seal that can be opened to discharge body waste. It is strong enough to restrict the passage of any fecal material but sensitive enough to differentiate between solid, liquid, and gas.

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An imperforate anus is a birth defect that happens while your baby is still growing in the womb. It occurs more often in boys than girls. The rectum, bladder, and vagina of a female baby with an imperforate anus sometimes share one large opening.

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Jump to navigation. Faecal incontinence inability to control bowel movements or leaking stool can be a very embarrassing and socially restricting problem. There are many possible causes, including childbirth damage to the muscles which control bowel movements.

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Researchers funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, a Federal Government research agency, reviewed studies on treatments for fecal incontinence published between and June The report included 63 studies comparing one treatment to another and 53 studies on only surgery for FI. The report was reviewed by health care professionals, researchers, experts, and the public.

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The anal stage is the second stage in Sigmund Freud 's theory of psychosexual developmentlasting from age 18 months to three years. According to Freud, the anus is the primary erogenous zone and pleasure is derived from controlling bladder and bowel movement. The major conflict issue during this stage is toilet training. A fixation at this stage can result in a personality that is too rigid or one that is too disordered.

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Forgot Password. Anus and Anal Canal. Tap to Zoom Close.

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Everywhere you go, sex and sexuality are being talked about. As society slowly becomes more relaxed about these topics, there is still one topic that is still relatively off limits: anal sex even though Teen Vogue published a guide to anal sex. In this guide, we are going to talk about what is anal training and how to get started.


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