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Superman is basically an all-powerful superhero. So how does he spend his free time? Building roads?

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Why do you read comics? To see Batman beat up a clown, Galactus eat a planet or zombies eat everybody? Or to see superheroes fall in love with each other?

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Sex, Lies and Videotape is the thirteenth episode of the fourth season. Photo finish? A cuddly shot of Superman with a married woman Lois!

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Unfortunately, you read that right. Superman used mind-control as an excuse for everything. Sleez, an unimaginatively-named toad-being from the planet Apokolips, has the Man of Steel and powerhouse superheroine Big Barda under mind control. His first thoughts?

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For all of the good that Superman's done—and, over the past 80 years, he's done a lot of good—he can be kind of obnoxious. He constantly lies to Lois Lane. He torments his pal Jimmy Olsen for fun.

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This is why Batman has a kryptonite ring. From Mongul to Poison Ivy, it seems like anyone who wants to mind-control Superman never has a problem doing so. His brain is so pliable that he can even be manipulated by D-listers like Sleez, a villain concocted specifically to be even more humiliating than those face-sucking cosmic starfish.

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Under DC, he went on to become a cultural icon. Is that a bird? Is that a plane?

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It opens with Mister Miracle returning home to discover, of all people, Darkseid sitting in his living room with a video tape. Now, let's be frank. We never get to see what was on the tape, so we don't know exactly what Barda is doing on it. It is not explicitly stated that she's having sex with someone -- she could be doing something else that Scott Free Mister Miracle finds offensive.

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He has, after all, been at the center of one of the greatest romances in the history of comics. His love for Lois Lane is beautiful on so many levels, centered on the idea that that the most powerful person in the universe falls in love with someone defined by her wit and determination. Even at the height of the Silver Age, when Lois's romantic pursuits could charitably be referred to as " obsessive ," there's still a genuine sweetness to it.

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The series, initially broadcast by The WBpremiered on October 16, Smallvillewhich ended its tenth and final season on May 13,follows Clark Kent Tom Welling in the fictional town of SmallvilleKansasbefore he becomes known as Superman. The first four seasons focus on Clark and his friends in high school.


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