Shadow on the breast ultra-sound

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A breast ultrasound is an imaging technique commonly used to screen for tumors and other breast abnormalities. The ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to produce detailed images of the inside of the breasts. Your doctor may perform a breast ultrasound if a suspicious lump is discovered in your breast.

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The fear this sentence creates is real, but can be quieted by facts. Most abnormalities on a mammogram are NOT breast cancer. During a screening mammogram, the breast is X-rayed in two different positions: from top to bottom and from side to side.

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Ultrasound is an imaging test that sends high-frequency sound waves through your breast and converts them into images on a viewing screen. The ultrasound technician places a sound-emitting probe on the breast to conduct the test. There is no radiation involved.

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Following a breast imaging procedure, you may be diagnosed with one of the following conditions or we may recommend further evaluation. Lymph nodes are normal structures found underneath the arms and commonly in the breasts, as well as other areas of the body, and serve as filters that help fight infections. In women with breast cancer, cancer cells can sometimes be found in the lymph nodes, which is why they are sampled using a needle or removed at the time of surgery for a sentinel lymph node biopsy.

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Breast ultrasound is a complimentary tool, used to evaluate findings on mammogram, MRI, and other breast imaging modality. In addition, if a mass or lump is felt in the breast, an ultrasound is an excellent tool, used, to determine whether or not the mass is cystic fluid filled or solid. There is no radiation with breast ultrasound, which is certainly an advantage, however, to date, ultrasound is not typically used as a screening tool.

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Women getting their routine mammogram will often receive a letter within 30 days saying the results were normal. However, getting called back after a screening mammogram is fairly common and can be scary. Getting that call does not mean you have breast cancer, but that the doctors have found something suspicious.

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Back to Breast cancer in women. See your GP as soon as possible if you notice any symptoms of breast cancersuch as an unusual lump in your breast or any change in the appearance, feel or shape of your breasts. Your GP will examine you.

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Benign and malignant characteristics of breast lesions at ultrasound allow the classification as either malignant, intermediate or benign based on work published by Stavros et al. In all cases of lesions other than those which are absolutely benign, real time review by the radiologist is mandatory. Review of the mammogram is essential when interpretation of an ultrasound is performed.

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A mammogram is an X-ray of the breast. Medics will also perform a careful clinical exam. However, sometimes a radiologist will delay the request for a biopsy until ultrasound confirms a mass.


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