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Not just any rear, mind you. Instead, the finest America has to offerwith a bonus Age of Ultron gag for good measure! Among the cavalcade of pins, exclusive variant comics covers, lanyards, and more, there are tons of t-shirts on offer.

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That bouncer was so hot But, honestly, that's not an excuse to be fucking rude Literally "What promoter are you with? D'you need a pee? Yeah, I have to pee Alright, let's go Walk in VIP, don't need no drink tickets, buddy I got money, milk and honey All my bitches actin' funny Like, uh, they poppin' bottles like, uh They on my body like, uh They got the tab and they call me bad But all I see is fuckboys everywhere tryna make a pass But I can't stop lookin' at my best friend's ass Fu-fu-fuckboys everywhere tryna make a pass But I can't stop lookin' at my best friend's ass Fu-fu— Fu-fu— Fu-fu— Fu-fu-fuckboys Fucking rude Fu-fu— Fu-fu— Fu-fu— Alright, let's go Emptyin' they pockets like it's gonna make moves They say, "Ooh, I like your shoes Oh you fuck with Jimmy Choo?

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Bounce a graviton particle beam off the main deflector dish That's the way we do things lad, we're making shit up as we wish The Klingons and the Romulans pose no threat to us 'Cause if we find we're in a bind, we're totally screwed, but nevermind We'll pull something out of our behinds; we just make some shit up. An Ass Pull is a moment when the writers pull something out of thin air in a less-than-graceful narrative development, violating the Law of Conservation of Detail by dropping a Plot -critical detail in the middle, or near the end of their narrative without Foreshadowing or dropping a Chekhov's Gun earlier on. In cases where a character suddenly gets a new skill without explanationit's usually explained away as a Chekhov's Classroom or Chekhov's Skillexcept the audience never saw the character attending the lecture in question, or any examples of him or her using, or even training that skill.

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ALUBAT shipyard assists you all along your project with your boat, from the acquisition to your navigation experience and to the resale of her. A professional, reactive and qualified team, managed by Thierry Leprince, is at your disposal to ensure the after sales service and answer to your parts, repairs and refit requests. The shipyard relies on its internal know-how and expertise of its partners and distributors to guarantee a fast and efficient service wherever you are!

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People are calling it office ass, and we found out the truth behind it. Unless you work in an office all day and have subjectively ignored all news related to how bad sitting is for your health, you probably know that sitting isn't so good for you. It's even been dubbed the new smokingas it can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and even early death.

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I felt fairly safe forecasting a barrage of butt-centric lyrics to take us into, and maybe even carry us through, summer That declaration was extremely premature, though, and I regret the error. Maybe B.

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In this episode therapist, PhD candidate in Mind Body Medicine, acclaimed author and writer, Michele Kambolis joins us to talk about the power of meditation in transforming our lives. She takes us through the evidence-based benefits hello better sex, less stress, more sleep and slower aging! The best part about meditation? Michele Kambolis is wholeheartedly committed to developing evidence-based resources and online programs to help you create the consciously healthy life you were born to live.

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I'm throwin' a bag bag It bought her a bag bag Last bitch I fucked, she wasn't goin' out sad goin' out sad Can't play a player for sure, can't play a player, no no Throw the money to the top top It's fallin' off the top ropes yee Yeah yee I bet I put all my bitches on though yee Yeah yee Aye yeeee She'll be fuckin' 'til the sun come up uh uh uh Hey yeah If you want to ball, let's get it woohoo Hey yeah I make you rich with a fifty cash Hey yeah No lemonade, it's simply, just me and my bitch aye If she don't get dick, she gon' have a fit yeah Her daddy the plug aye She fuck with the bricks, she with the shit yeah She bought a salon to clean the money, he feed the bitch Now he on the run, they seized the house, they seized the whips yee Now she on the run, she took the money, he need the bitch. Yeah, beat the pot, beat the pot, beat the pot, oh Bad bitches walkin' out with bags at the store bad Stripper girl shakin', all ass on the pole all ass ay, all ass ay Yeah, beat the pot, beat the pot, beat the pot, oh beat it Bad bitches walkin' out with bags at the store bad Stripper girl shakin', all ass on the pole all ass ay, all ass ay Yeah. Quiero recibir notificaciones de artistas destacados y noticias.

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Summary : pundits argue billion-dollar startups are overvalued, but few realize why public company valuations might also be too expensive. And while a few appear to be well on their way to becoming huge wins Uber, Xiaomi, Airbnbthere are arguably as many losers ahead as winners. The nature of venture capital is such that for any given category, one big gorilla will run away with most all of the valueand the remaining chimps and monkeys will be worth little or nothing at all.