Average weight of adult rottweiler

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Some of these big dogs, especially the males, may not gain their full adult weight until they are 3 years old or even older. They seem to get quite obsessed by how big their puppy, or dog, is and often that overshadows everything else. Rotties are absolutely awesome dogs and they have huge hearts, amazing personalities and are courageous, loving, goofy and totally loyal to their humans.

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Rottweilers are loyal dogs known for being fiercely protective of their owners, but also for being sweet and fun-loving dogs. They are a top choice for families because they are sweet, lovable and form a deeply connected bond with their owners. When purchasing a new puppy it is important that you provide them with the proper nourishment so that they are able to grow to their proper size.

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Don't be taken in by those big brown eyes! Rottweiler weight is important - Don't be fooled by those eyes, they can be so manipulative. On of the best things you can do to prevent Rottweiler health problems is to keep your dogs weight at a healthy level.

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Start off with the suggested schedule here, but make adjustments as necessary. For puppies under months of age, feed 3 times a day. If your pup consistently refuses one of the meals, move to 2 times a day.

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According to its size, the weight of the Rottweiler female at 3 months should be between At 6 months, the Rottweiler female weighs on average between Add your dog's weighings and compare them to other registered dogs.

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Join Now. Not recommended for first-time owners, the rottweiler needs extensive and continuous socialization to be a good family companion. However, this intelligent, confident dog is easy to keep in spite of the size.

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The Rottweiler has a muscular, massive, powerful body. The head is broad with a rounded forehead. The muzzle is well developed.

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Rottweiler Growth Chart is a bit of a touchy subject because every individual of this breed is unique in more than one way. Bones size and density, overall height, as well as muscle density are just few essential factors that dramatically influence the growth of your Rottweiler. Other factors include metabolism and all glands activity. Thyroid gland plays a very important role for example.

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How much do Rottweilers eat? A Rottweiler will not eat you out of house and home. Depending on the size, age, sex and activity level of your dog, it will eat between 3kg and 4kg of high quality kibble a week.

Massive and muscled, the Rottweiler can be a gentle giant or a scary beast, depending on his personality and his owner. In general, he takes awhile to warm to strangers but is a loyal and loving family member. With the work ethic of a world leader, the Rottweiler needs a job to be truly happy.


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