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Given all the early furor about the film's NC rating and its much-discussed sex scenes, "Lust, Caution" seems curiously sedate and unexciting. Of course, with all that said, filmmaker Ang Lee's latest does contain the most graphic sexual material of any widely released film in recent memory. It goes considerably further in that regard than his similarly controversial gay-cowboy drama "Brokeback Mountain"; it certainly merits the NC rating.

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Erica Abeel. Reticent young Wang Jiazhi first-timer Tang Wei finds her calling as an actress when she joins a university theater troupe. Spearheaded by patriotic Kuang Asian pop star Wang Leehomthe troupe hatches a naive plot to assassinate Mr.

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By addy on October 16, in Hot Gossip! The sex scenes appeared so realistic that many viewers were convinced that Tony and Tang Wei really performed it. While promoting the film at the time, both Tang Wei and Tony insisted that the sex scenes in the film were the result of clever filmmaking and camera tricks.

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The sexual gymnastics in a new film by Ang Lee have shocked the Chinese censors. Richard Spencer takes a peek. In pictures: Lust, Caution.

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Tony Leung is one of Asia's biggest and best-loved stars. He is also one of its most versatile. In his acclaimed body of work with the mercurial film-maker Wong Kar-wai, he is as at home in the martial-arts world of Ashes of Time as in the Sixties Hong Kong of their international breakthrough, the dreamily romantic In the Mood for Love.

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The naked truth Until recently, asking a friend if they'd seen the new Ang Lee movie yet might still have marked you out as something of a sophisticate, a savvy cultural voyager or possibly just a big fan of The Hulk. From now on, however, you'll need to tread more carefully - with the intensely graphic sex scenes in Lee's forthcoming Lust, Caution having already reduced most discussion of the film among critics to the single question: "So, is all that

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One leaves the cinema with mixed emotions and the feeling that this was a movie that was almost great; it comes so close that I feel that I ought to love it, I want to love it, but I merely feel that I ought to want to love it. Ang Lee delivers several poignant moments in this story of tortured love and espionage set in Hong Kong and Japanese-occupied Shanghai during the s, but the movie would have been more potent if its scenes had been crystallized into a shorter version, instead of its prolonged minutes. The intensity of emotions needed for a film that explores the complexity of human psychology and interactions in a China seething under Japanese occupation requires careful casting.

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A cross-dressing former child star made a bizarre stab at stardom by claiming he was the body double for the female star of Lust Caution in the film's steamy sex scenes. Zou Kaiyun, a year-old man and wannabe actor who until now has only found work posing as women in TV ads, made the startling claim on his website, claiming he stood in for actress Tang Wei's controversial nude shots in the latest Ang Lee production. It is not Tang Wei in the sex scenes but me," Zou wrote on his blog.

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Sign in. Find out what skill Diane Guerrero "exaggerated" to book her first major role and the actresses she gets mistaken for. Watch now.

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Stephanie Hemelryk Donald: The sex scenes are immensely important to the film in two ways. As I argue in the paper, the most obvious is that the sex between the two main protagonists is explicit and violent, but also passionate and erotic. It reminds us of the ways in which humans can revel in a loss of control, in the breach of norms, values and expectations that it can take a lifetime to build internally, and several lifetimes for a society to make absolute. An absolute condition of membership if you like.


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