Stinky asian fruit

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Anthony Bourdain once described it as "French-kissing your dead grandmother. The Sriwijaya Air flight was bound for Jakarta; however, passengers refused to board because the stench of two tons of durian fruit — otherwise known as stinky fruit — invaded the cabin. Assalamualaikum wr.

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Durian fruit is generally slightly oval, about a foot wide and covered in formidable looking spikes. The fruit can weigh between two to seven pounds, and this is heavy enough that in holding it in your hands by the body of the fruit, instead of the stem, it could potentially pierce the skin. However, its otherworldly appearance is dwarfed by another one of its attributes — the smell.

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Thai smelly green durian fruit. Royalty-Free Vector. Download preview.

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Durian is a tropical fruit distinguished by its large size and spiky, hard outer shell. The fruit's flesh can range in color. It's most commonly yellow or white, but can also be red or green.

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Durian, which is revered as the "king of fruits" in south east Asia, has a particularly rich and creamy flesh that is high in fat and sugar. The 19th-century British naturalist, Alfred Russel Wallace, described it as similar to "a rich custard highly flavoured with almonds, but there are occasional wafts of flavour that call to mind cream cheese, onion sauce, sherry wine and other incongruous dishes". More recently, Anthony Burgess, the novelist, said eating durian was "like eating raspberry blancmange in the lavatory".

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The durian, a spiky fruit native to Southeast Asia, has been variously described by its detractors as smelling like garbage, moldy cheese or rotting fish. It is banned from many hotels, airlines and the Singapore subway. But durian lovers — and there are many, at least in Asia — are convinced that like fine French cheeses, the worse the smell, the better the taste.

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By Eun Jae Park Native to tropical Southeast Asia, the durian fruit has been described by some as having an odor and taste ranging from fresh custard to a week-old corpse. Most commonly consumed raw, durian can also be boiled, fried, fermented, or roasted. Of the native species, only several fruit-bearing varieties of the Durio genus are in common production in Thailand, Malaysia, India, Philippines, Burma, and Vietnam.

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Be careful touching it, it could hurt you really badly. Inside, once you cut and open it, you would see a soft-yellow thingy. This is an edible part. They could look pretty much alike but not really.

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The durian is a beloved delicacy in Malaysia, Singapore, and other parts of Southeast Asia. Its taste and smell, however, take some getting used to. And yet, despite its stinky reputation, it can be found practically everywhere: In curries, cakes, and even ice cream.

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If a fruit smelled like feet, would you eat it? If that fruit smelled like damp feet that had been festering in a soggy boot for hours, could you even bear to look at it? What if the moisture came not from a puddle or some sort of bad weather, but from dank, dirty sweat?